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Can I Pawn My Car and Still Use It?


Many of us at certain times of our lives find ourselves strapped for cash.

Pawn and Drive

An unexpected bill, that one-off purchase that simply cannot wait, birthdays, the festive season – any number of situations can crop up to suddenly drain us of money. It always happens with payday still more than a week away. And nobody blames you for being too nervous to approach a loan shark or too impatient to fight through all the red tape banks put you through. So, what can be done? Well, do you own a vehicle? Perhaps a secured loan against it is the answer. “But how do I pawn my car and still drive it?” you may ask. The answer is simpler than you think.

At Cash Drive, we give you the opportunity to use your vehicle as collateral for you to gain a loan against it. So, to the question, “Can I pawn my car and still drive it?”, there’s a very high chance the answer will be “yes”. We act swiftly and the loan amount can be transferred into your bank account on the same day the paperwork is finalised. Of course, like any agreement, no matter how swift, certain conditions need to be met:

To speed up the process simply have the following documents on hand when you contact Cash Drive:

You can start the process online or you can contact us directly and ask, “can I pawn my car and still drive it?” to one of our professional assistants. They will answer this and all questions you may have and make an appointment with you to bring your vehicle to one of our showrooms for an assessment. If everything is in order and you find the offer acceptable, the answer to your initial question will be a satisfying “Yes! I can pawn my car and still use it!” You will have the instant money you needed in your account, while happily driving off with your vehicle.

Contact Cash Drive today to ask a friendly assistant, “can I pawn my car and still drive it?” With our competitive business model, professional advice, and immediate assessment, you might very soon get that loan.

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