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Loan Against Vehicle - Still Drive Your Car


Cash Loans Against Your Vehicle – Cash Drive Has the Solution for You

Cash Loans Against Your Vehicle

If you’re in the clutches of money troubles and require an easy way out, you’ve come to the right place. Cash Drive brings convenience, accessibility, and transparency to the fore and enables customers to take a loan against their vehicle without any fuss. Simply fill in our online application and bring your vehicle to our Johannesburg-based centre for an evaluation. Whether you have a car, motorbike, trailer, truck, caravan, or boat, we can help you in your time of need by offering quick cash for your asset. Most importantly, you don’t have to say goodbye to it. As soon as the money has been paid back, your vehicle will be back in your name.

Our pricing is both competitive and transparent and thus we won’t bombard you with any hidden costs when you take a loan against your vehicle. Our stress-free approach means that you can access your asset value immediately and take a loan against your car without having to bid it farewell. With over 40 years of experience in the asset-wealth industry, we pride ourselves on our knowledge and efficiency when it comes to all things loan-related. We’re here to help you get the best out of your assets, all the while allowing you to utilise them.

So, How Does the Process Work?

Taking a loan against your vehicle doesn’t have to be a stressful process. As long as the vehicle is registered in your name, paid in full, and legally licenced, you are eligible for a loan. Once we’ve assessed your car and checked your valid documentation, we’ll give you the green light. Cash payouts are often paid to clients on the same day, and thus we’re a great solution if you need money fast. We’ll offer you professional advice and information and once your loan against your car is paid back (at a tailor-made date that suits your individual finance needs), it will once again be registered in your name. This hassle-free approach is ideal for anyone who needs to access some cash immediately but doesn’t want to sell their vehicle or lose their wheels.

Why you should choose Cash Drive

As a company, we’ve genuinely stood the test of time. We’ve offered professional insight and advice to thousands of clients and have remained in business because of our competitive rates and stress-free approach to getting a loan. If you’re interested in seeing how much you could borrow against your asset, fill in our online application, and we’ll happily give you a call. One of our friendly staff members will be in contact and will talk you through the process. We are passionate about transparency and providing our customers with what they deserve. We won’t share your confidential information with any third parties, whether they’re credit bureaus, banks, or big companies because we believe in the privacy of our clients.

We want to help you out of those stressful moments (discreetly) and get you back on track in no time!

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